One master craftsman and his team will dedicate weeks to the painstaking creation of your unique order, which is then finished in our unique finishes by our master finisher. Each of the nine drawers has a touch-activated opening mechanism. You can select your own choice of drawer-interior – from embossed black or cappuccino leathers to Rock & Bone skin embossed leathers.

So there you have it. A fine piece of furniture you can see – see it on the Rock & Bone site – click here

It was delivered to the photo studio in Leeds by none other than Damian himself of  La Rock and Rock & Bone fame, and he brought it to me so that he could go through all the fine detail of the unit and explain exactly what he wanted. First thing to do was to get the unit into the studio. This was when I nearly had my first ever hernia…heavy is not the word. Solid wood deffo…eventually I managed to half lift it into the studio with Damian and I decided at that point to position it once and for all, in the centre of my white area.

The white zone..this is where it happens.