Whatever the project, big or small, we are ready to start

Photography & Videography

Digital has been here a long time and is immersed in our thinking and actions, and so we went from photography into videography.

The main difference between a photographer who goes into video work, and a videographer, is that as a creative studio and location photographer we are taught to light and compose images, whether outside or in the studio. And so when we dared to delve into moving images with our DSLRs the movie makers world went a little upside down!

Now it is the norm to see a DSLR camera shooting a video, or even a full length movie. That is how good they are.

So whatever the project rest assured that not only will we capture it but we shall actually light it as it should be. That is what gives us that USP.

So from our promotions information that you can see on our home page, making a corporate video, or doing some green screen work can be very cost effective when taking the audience it can reach into account.

Being Creative

Yes we have ideas…omg. If you have to tell your supplier how to do it, then try us please. From telling us your proposed plans we shall automatically start to visualise it in our head and to interpret your ideas into a script.

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  • Still life
  • 360° photography
  • Green screen video
  • Web videos
  • Autocue/teleprompter available
  • Company videos
  • Room sets – location & studio